Anastasia Date’s Ladies I Met

I’ve been to the Ukraine a couple of times and have met quite a few ladies from Anastasia Date. I decided to make a page with links to their profiles which can be seen on my other website “” . This is the only way you can view pics & profiles without having to join Anastasia Date.

The first lady is Tatyana from Kharkov. She’s a doctor and she was the the main reason for my trip to the Ukraine! I had been communicating with her online for more than a year and a half without ever seeing her on cam! I thought if I was going to hit it off with a beautiful Ukrainian lady it would be her.

Turns out that didn’t happen but I did enjoy my time with her. She tells me later  she lost confidence in me because I took the Romance Tour and I was meeting other ladies, I’m not sure, who knows… she might even be a pro-dater! We went out 3 times and it was only for a couple of hours each time for dinner at the same restaurant!  

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Tatyana & Me
Tatyana & Me
















 Next are Olga & Olena, two wild and crazy girls, especially Olena. I met these two at the second social in Kharkov and Olena was very aggressive with all the men there. She kind of made a fool of herself and was about to be thrown out of the social by the Anastasia staff!  I suggested we leave for a while and go to the new amusement park. They both speak English quite well!

Olga & Olena, The wild one has her thumbs up!
Olena & Olga, The wild one with her thumbs up!















A Great Catch For A Guy In His Early To Mid 30s!
A Great Catch For A Guy In His Early To Mid 30s!

 Now meet Maria, she’s a very beautiful and intelligent young lady. It’s too bad I’m so much older than her because we did make a pretty good connection! Maria didn’t think our age gap was a problem but I sure did. She’s only a year older than my youngest daughter! LOL!!!

Anyways I spoke to Maria recently and she tells me she just started a new job as an English teacher. At 21 she already had a degree in teaching! 

Smoking The Hookah Pipe
Smoking The Hookah Pipe









The reason I went out with such a young girl is because she was friends with Viktoria, a girl that one of the guys at the social was interested in so he asked me to double date with him. We all ended up going out together a few times over the week the tour was in Kharkov and as far as I know Denis is still dating Viktoria!







This is Viktoria and my friend Denis who I met on the tour. He also took the 2 city Romance Tour.

Viktoria & Denis
Denis & Viktoria

 Vladislava From Kiev

My sweet little Vladislava, she was the first girls I ever seen on cam when this feature came out on Anastasia Date. She is so so sweet!! An other girl way to young for me that I’ve grown very fond of. I kind of adopted her as a daughter and I help her out once in a while.  Vlady is no longer on Anastasia Date so I can’t link to her profile but here’s a pic of her and me when I went to Kiev to see her. She is so tiny, I’m only 5’6″ and look how much taller I am than her! I bet she weighs less than 85 lbs!

Vlady & Me
Vlady & Me

Here are some links to other Anastasia Date ladies I met or seen for real that I didn’t get a picture of. Unfortunately due to copyright infringement laws I’m not able to post any pics from the Anastasia Date profiles.

Tatyana from Nikolaev

I went out with Tatyana from Nikolaev  2 times. For our first date we met at the social but left and went bowling, then out for dinner.  We chatted quite a few times on the site over the previous 6 months so we made arrangements before hand to finally meet. 

Svetlana from Odessa 

Svetlana is a gorgeous blond lawyer that one of the guys on the Romance Tour went out with. I ran into them while I was on a date of my own to Rancho, a little farm where there’s access to the catacombs.  

Juliya from Kharkov

Juliya was a last minute date! I’d just gotten back from my side trip to Kiev that afternoon and decided to go on the site to see if I could find myself a date for the evening. Most girls aren’t expecting to be asked out online never mind for the same day so I was lucky that Juliya agreed to meet me for dinner! An other very beautiful, nice and intelligent  young lady!

Irena from Kharkov

I never went out on a date with Irena but I did recognize her from the site when I saw her at the social in Kharkov. I did talk to her briefly but I didn’t realize that George, one of the other men on the tour was talking to her through an interpreter who he was sitting beside. I thought the gorgeous interpreter was who he was after! Ooops… my bad!

There were quite a few more ladies I recognized from Anastasia Date when I was at the socials but I haven’t been able to find their profiles to link to.

When I went back to Odessa in May, 2013 I did meet a few more ladies I’m able to link to. 

Vikka & Anna from Odessa

Viktoria and Anna are two very nice young girls that David from the UK,(a good guy I met at the Irish pub and made friends with)  arranged to meet in chat that same day. Actually he arranged to meet Anna but Anna brought her friend Vikka to interpret for her. Anna understand English quite well but can’t speak fluently enough yet. Anyways an other double date situation.

We had a blast with these girls and on our final night together we went to karaoke, David and I sang “Back In The USSR” by The Beatles! We thought it was quite a fitting song to sing given the situation!!

Anna & Vikka didn’t let us take their pictures because they were worried they’d get into trouble by not going through the proper channels to go out with us.  

Tatyana & Nataliya

Tatyana & Nataliya are the last two girls I’m going to link to. Creating the galleries and finding these girls is not that easy! Anyways, Tatyana is an other girl I met on Anastasia Date while I was in Odessa looking to arrange some dates. Nataliya was the interpreter. I only found out after I got back home that Nataliya is on the site too! Although I had a great time with the two of them, I now wonder if they’re a couple of those tag team scammers!!

We went out 3 nights in a row. The first night it was just for a few hours over dinner. The second two nights we met at 10:00pm for dinner then went out dancing till 4:00am! Both very beautiful and lovely girls and I’m hoping to meet them again next time I’m in Odessa. I did get a picture of both girls wearing my glasses but Tatyana made me delete the one of her. 

Beautiful Nataliya
Beautiful Nataliya At The Itaka Club