Anastasia Date is in my opinion the best Russian/Ukrainian dating site and is the one I settled on after trying a few other  sites. I’ve been to Ukraine to meet for real some of these gorgeous ladies and I wasn’t disappointed! They truly are absolutely beautiful women inside and out and you can see some of these ladies I met here.

An other thing I’m really impressed about is how hard they’ve been working on trying to make Anastasia Date safer for us men! They’ve had a bit of a bad reputation in the past due to some of the affiliate dating agencies scamming business practices. You can view Anastasia Date’s Anti-Scam Policy here.

Anastasia Date is free to join and you will receive 30 free credits to use how ever you would like to use them!

Gorgeous Russian Lady
Gorgeous Russian Lady

Anastasia Date along with it’s sister sites, AsianBeaties, AmoLatina and AfricaBeauties are one of the most expensive in the industry but they do provide the most services. In my opinion they have the most beautiful women of all the other dating sites for you to start communicating with! You have the option of just communicating through letter exchange, live chat, live video chat where you can see her in a small chat window or cam share chat where you can see each other in a larger window. Unfortunately you won’t be able to hear her because there’s no audio.

There’s also the option for a video date with an interpreter (if needed) and your able to set up a telephone date also with an interpreter if needed. With these services your able to exchange personal info like email addresses, phone numbers and such. It’s against the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act to exchange personal info through live chat or letter exchange services.

They also offer flowers and gift services which are quite expensive! I’ve also been told but not proven that the agencies have flowers and gifts on hand, takes the picture of the girl you’ve sent them to with them, takes the flowers back and gives the girl some money instead! I’ve only used this service 4 times, two of them showed me the flowers on webcam a few days later and the other 2 didn’t have the webcam option. 

An other service they offer are Romance Tours. I went on a double tour in September 2012 to the Ukraine when I went to meet the ladies I was corresponding with. (they weren’t very happy with me that I chose this way to go and meet them but I wanted to try it for the experience and I also liked the fact that everything was organized!)




You can browse profiles with pictures of some of Anastasia ladies on This is my website and I’ve modified the galleries so I can link to the ladies I’ve met for real when I was in the Ukraine. You can view these ladies on my Facebook page here or on this site here

The prices for services are as follow

The first letter you send and receive for each lady is free, each additional letter sent and or received (only if read) cost 10 credits per letter.

Chat costs 1 credit per minute, video chat costs 2 credits per minute and CamShare costs 6 credits per minute. A video or telephone date costs a whopping 10 credits per minute!

There’s a new promo going on right now. You get 3 free minutes of chat with any new introduction. (meaning a lady you haven’t chatted with before) Talking to the ladies briefly for free is a good way to get access to all her private pictures!

Click to view more gorgeous Russian Girls!
Click to view more gorgeous Russian Girls!

Credits Cost

20 Credits $15.99
40 Credits $30.00
80 Credits $56.00
160 Credits $96.00
320 Credits $185.00
500 Credits $249.00
1000 Credits $399.00


  • More than 29,000 of the hottest and the most gorgeous ladies from Russia and CIS in their database for you to chose from.
  • Free to join
  • Once signed up you will be bombarded with tons of letters of introduction and invites to chat!
  • A full service website with 24/7 live support
  • Anastasia Date recognizes there’s a problem with scammers and is working really hard to eliminate the problem. Read Anastasia Date’s Anti-Scam Policy Here A more in-depth explanation of Anastasia International’s Anti-Scam Policy
  • Did I mention the ladies are hot?


  • Very expensive if your not careful with how you use the site!
  • Usually the first letter of introduction from a lady is a generic one. But she controls who she sends it to.
  • Your not able to hide your online status.
  • AnastasiaDate has a bad reputation for being a scam website and also for the ladies themselves being scammers! More on that here
  • Some model quality ladies are paid to chat and to go on dates. (doesn’t mean they’re not sincere in finding love!) 

Tips and advice

AnastasiaDate can be very expensive if your not careful. I’ve been a member of this site for quite a while so I’ve developed a sure fire system to get the most out of my buck!

  • First of all, don’t bother joining if your not sincere on finding a wife abroad unless your looking for the experience of a life time by meeting and dating some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen! At any rate it’s a very expensive process!!
  • Don’t join or start communicating with ladies unless your planning on going to meet them for real within 3 months! The biggest complaint I’ve heard form the ladies that I’ve chatted with or met is that very few if any men come to meet them for real. Especially the ladies that live in the more remote small centres.
  • You’ll have more luck in finding sincere women in these smaller cities.
  • Remember these sites are meant to introduce you to available women They’re not a good place to develop full on relationships. Get acquainted with 3 or 4 ladies, preferably from the same cities and go there to meet them for real within 3 months!
  • Start with the mind set that your not the only one that these ladies may be communicating with and let them know that they’re not the only one your communicating with.
  • Buy the largest quantity  of credits at a time. The more you buy the less expensive are the credits
  • Set yourself a budget and stick with it, whether it’s $200.00 or  $400.00 per month.
  • If your worried about whether these women are real, only communicate with the ones in chat that have a webcam
  • When video chatting, after your satisfied that the lady in the video is the same lady your chatting with, turn the video off and you will only be charged 1 credit per minute.
  • I now avoid the letter exchange option because I find it quite expensive for what you get. Most of the letters you will receive will be very short and to the point. Think about it, some of the more desirable women probably get hundreds of letters so for them writing long letters is not something they feel like doing! Also I found out by talking to a former interpreter from Anastasia, a lot of the letters are written by the interpreters themselves!
  • Once you get acquainted with a lady, ask her if she would be willing to communicate with you on an other program like Skype. A lot of them won’t because they feel more comfortable and secure staying on the site. It’s worth a shot anyways. If she agrees, you’ll be able to get her personal information on a phone or video date. You can also send her your personal info (email address, Skype info) in the note with the gift and flowers services.
  • Don’t worry about sending any gifts through the store on the site. Most of the women don’t expect anything since you will only have known them for a short time anyway.
  • Once you go over to meet the ladies for real you don’t need to use the cupid date option. It’s just an added expense for nothing.
  • Treat these women with respect. I’ve met quite a few of them in real life and they’re all sweet and beautiful  women! Most of them are truly sincere in falling in love and finding their life partner.

Anastasia Date has an anti-scam policy and you can view Daria German explaining how Anastasia Date takes this matter seriously.


Here’s an other video on how Anastasia Date operates.


I give Anastasia Date a 8.5 of of 10 rating. Cost of communicating with ladies and sketchy agencies are the reasons for the lost points.  This is the main Russian dating site I use and I’ve been to the Ukraine a few times, have met and seen quite a few ladies from this site. All were very nice, sweet, most were absolutely gorgeous and I had a fantastic time with every one of the ladies I went out with! I believe most are sincere in finding love so I highly recommend using Anastasia Date to meet and date these gorgeous Russian women!

I’ve just raised my rating for this company because the new owners are working really hard to make their site safer from scammers!


I’ll keep updating this page as needed and I’ve also opened it up for comments and discussions so I will always be around to answer any questions you may have. Good luck out there gentlemen!