Jeremy & Gala

Are There Real Success Stories In International Dating?

Jeremy and Gala met on one of the quest tours put on by Mark & Anna Davies of Dream Connections. Gala was actually Jeremy’s personal interpreter and it looks like she fell for him from the get go!

You never know when and who you will fall for in this game of life so you have to keep your eyes and your heart open for anything and everything that comes your way. When you try to force things like this it usually ends in failure.

Even though you may be looking for a mate abroad the rules of love shouldn’t change. Mark & Anna and Jeremy & Gala’s instant success is an exception not the norm in any situation where two people meet and the sparks fly!

So my advice is to be patient and wait for that true mutual connection that’s so important in finding the right mate. Try to meet as many girls as possible when dating Internationally and you may have to go back more than once in order to find the right girl for you!