Dating Foreign Women| Interpreter Client Relationship

The key to success in dating foreign women and finding your true love is to have confidence in the process. In this I mean you can’t have any negative thoughts floating around in your head! The best way to achieve the confidence you need is to have a good support group behind you.

This support group consist’s of other men who are going through the same process who your travelling with and I recommend travelling with at least one other guy. ┬áIt also consist’s of having your own interpreter/personal assistant working for you which I feel is the most important ingredient!

Here’s a great video by Mark Davis and Dream Connection on how the interpreter/client relationship works.


I’m working with this girl in starting this kind of interpreter business in Ukraine. I’m hoping she has it up and running by May, 2017! I will also be working on getting this kind of service for other countries in the near future too so I’ll keep you posted on that.