ChnLove is the first International Dating site I became a member of and that was back in spring of 2010. I find Asian women, especially Chinese  women to be very attractive. I also like the fact they retain their young looks well into their 50s! ChnLove is FREE to join like most other dating website but you have to join to be able to view the ladies profiles.

I would love to talk to you!
I would love to talk to you!

When I first joined ChnLove the only way of communicating was through EMF mail at a cost of 1 credit per letter sent and 1 credit per letter read. Getting the attention of someone you wanted to make contact with was through Cupid Notes and you could read Admirer mail from ladies trying to get your attention all for free! Now there’s an option for live chat which I like. 

Another feature I really like about ChnLove is they have a forum. No other International Dating website has a forum that I’m aware of. The forum is packed with useful information like, how to spot and avoid scammers, dating tips and advice, travel, visa and immigration and what to expect when dating Chinese women. Be careful on what kind of questions you post though, there’s quite a few guys that like to troll the forums for an opportunity to dive down your throat!

I highly recommend you read and get as much information as you can about dating Chinese women before you join any Chinese Dating website. You can read all posts in the ChnLove forums without having to sign up to their website here——>

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The prices for the services are as follow

Live Chat costs .5 credits per 5 mins, with video it’s an additional .5 credits per 5 mins. EMF mail cost 1 credit per letter. Your able to read admirer mail for free but  to replay you must use the EMF mail service. Cupid Notes are free but are very limited in how much you can say. Love Calls costs 1 credit per minute, the scheduled calls are an additional 1 credit setup fee. Flowers and gifts of course range in prices.

Credit cost

100Credit Pack $3.99 per credit $ 399.00
60Credit Pack $5.00 per credit $ 299.00
32Credit Pack $5.60 per credit $ 179.00
16Credit Pack $6.00 per credit $ 96.00
8Credit Pack $6.50 per credit $ 52.00
3Credit Pack $7.00 per credit $ 21.00


  • More than 25,000 profiles of gorgeous Chinese women to choose from
  • A few different ways to initiate contact
  • A few different ways to correspond with the ladies
  • You can hide your online status
  • Instant phone calling
  • They have Forums


  • Expensive if your not careful
  • They don’t offer live support 24/7
  • They don’t offer Romance Tours
  • not many ladies have webcams
  • You can’t view the ladies profiles without signing up

Tips And Advice

ChnLove can be quite expensive if your not careful! I know it’s hard not to let it get out of hand due to the amount of hot beautiful women that will try and get your attention. I’ve been a member of this site for quite a while but haven’t been active on it for a few years.

When I first started out with International dating sites, the first site I became a member of was ChnLove.  I was active on the site for more than a year and had met a few Chinese women I was interested in meeting for real but due to a couple of issues I missed my opportunity to go to China. Since I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to go to China for an other year I decided to step away from the site for a few months.

When I was ready to start my search again I switched gears and decided to try Russian women instead. I thought the cultural differences wouldn’t be as great as with Chinese women. When I was a member of ChnLove there wasn’t an option for Live Chat so all of my correspondence was through letters. When I restarted my search CharmingDate still didn’t have Live Chat so that’s why I ended up on AnastasiaDate because Live Chat is my preferred method of communication.

  • First of all, don’t bother joining if your not sincere on finding a wife abroad!
  • Don’t join or start communicating with ladies unless your planning on going to meet them for real within 3 months! The biggest complaint I’ve heard form the ladies that I’ve chatted with or met is that very few if any men come to meet them for real. Especially the ladies that live in the more remote small centres.
  • Remember these sites are meant to introduce you to available women These are not a good place to develop full on relationships. Get acquainted with 3 or 4 ladies, preferably from the same cities and go there to meet them for real within 3 months! Once you meet the ladies you will see if you have a real connection with any of them.
  • Start with the mind set that your not the only one that these ladies may be communicating with and let them know that they’re not the only one your communicating with.
  • Buy the largest quantity  of credits at a time. The more you buy the less expensive are the credits
  • Set yourself a budget and stick with it, whether it’s $200.00 or  $400.00 per month.
  • If your worried about whether these women are real, only communicate with the ones in chat that have a webcam
  • When video chatting, after your satisfied that the lady in the video is the same lady your chatting with, turn the video off and you will only be charged 1 credit per minute.
  • I now avoid the letter exchange option because I find it quite expensive for what you get. Most of the letters you will receive will be very short and to the point. Think about it, some of the more desirable women probably get lots of letters so for them writing long letters is not something they feel like doing!
  • Once you get acquainted with a lady, ask her if she would be willing to communicate with you on an other program like Skype. A lot of them won’t because they feel more comfortable and secure staying on the site. It’s worth a shot anyways. If she agrees, you’ll be able to get her personal information on a phone date.
  • Don’t worry about sending any gifts through the store on the site. Most of the women don’t expect anything anyways! You will only have known them for a short time.
  • Once you go over to meet the ladies for real you don’t need to use the cupid date option. It’s just an added expense for nothing.

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I will keep updating this page as needed and I’ve also opened it up for comments and discussions so I will always be around to answer any questions you may have. Good luck out there gentlemen!