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What’s the Key to Success in International Dating?

Hey gentlemen, welcome to my site!

Due to my current business situation (causing lack of time needed to properly work this business) and the situation in Ukraine I have to put developing this business on hold for now. 

Also I’m having some technical issues so I had to remove most of the pages from the site. I’m working on getting the problem  resolved. Thanks for your understanding. 

First of all this a new website and I’m trying to get as much content on it as fast as possible so please be patient and keep checking back every so often! The key to success in finding a beautiful foreign wife is education and support!

I decided to build this website to give men who are thinking about or are looking for a wife abroad to have a place to go to for advice and support from other men who are doing the same, including myself. So please join our community and post your comments and concerns on the pages, on posts or in the forums!  Joining this community is FREE and will always be free so what are you waiting for?

If you would like to contact me directly you can write me at . Also sign up to my Newsletter (in the sidebar on the right) to keep up to date on new posts on my blog and new information you should be aware of.

I’m also looking for past & present members of any international dating site to post their experiences whether good or bad so that we can all learn from them!

So What’s It like?

I know it’s tough out there, so many International Dating sites with so many unbelievably gorgeous women on them. I know how you feel, been there myself a few years ago! It’s so hard to believe these gorgeous women are real, that they’re interested in chatting and corresponding with you.

When I first joined Anastasia Date I didn’t have my profile finished, didn’t even have any pictures of myself in it and these gorgeous young women, even as young as 18 years old (I was 48 at the time) were trying to invite me to chat and my mailbox was filling up quickly with letters of introduction. I thought… Bull fucking shit!! This is all just a scam! You get 30 free credits for joining and these letters and invites are just there to suck you into buying more credits!

Well to tell you the truth, I really wasn’t looking for a wife anyways, I was and still am very happy being a single guy living the single life! Doing what ever I want when ever I please!! So I let it ride for a couple of months but my curiosity got the better of me. I decided to take a chance so I purchased some credits and started to correspond and chat with a few of the women that fit the profile of what I was looking for. So the women I started corresponding with were in my eyes the prettiest and sexiest women on Anastasia Date. I thought… If I was going to spend this kind of cash I might as well go for the best. Right? Of course she also had to fit certain profile criteria, I have a daughter that was born in 1981 so the women definitely had to be older than her!

I believe I joined Anastasia Date in late winter of 2011. I planned to narrow my search down to 4 or 6 women before going to Ukraine to meet them for real later that summer or should I say to see if they are real! Well life got in the way so I wasn’t able to make the trip that year. I told the women my situation, wished them good luck in their search and told them I would check in from time to time to see how they all were.

The next spring I started up again on Anastasia Date and 2 of the women I wanted to meet were still there!  Great!! Kind of, I wondered why these absolutely gorgeous women were still on the site. Anastasia Date boast to the women that there are more that 100,000 male profiles on their site, so with only just less than 30,000 ladies, the women should be getting snatched up in no time! Right?

Well wrong. As it turns out most of the men who join leave once their free credits are gone or never go to meet the ladies for real (only approx 3% go!) or they go there with the wrong intensions. (so I’m told by quite a few ladies)  They’re just looking to get laid!

Anyways… Back to my story.. Where was I.. Oh yah, so 2 of the ladies I’d been communicating with were still on the site so I kept with them and I also found 2 more gorgeous women whom I started communicating with. 3 of the 4 I knew were real because they have web cams but the forth, one of the ones that I had been communication with the longest and my favourite, I was just going on faith and hope that she was real!

Finally in September of 2012, I went to Ukraine! Much to the women I wanted to meet’s dismay I decided to take one of the Romance Tours that Anastasia Date offers because everything is organized and I would be with other men that are in the same situation. You know… Having a feeling of security in a foreign country and culture with a language you don’t understand is not a bad thing!

85693-20120820I had the time of my life! I took the double tour to Odessa and to Kharkov with a side trip to Kiev. Think about it, 18 days of solid dating with some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen! I had so much fun and most of the other guys on the tour were great. We’d get together later in the evenings in a pub to swapped stories of our dates earlier that day. The socials were a lot of fun too although I found them quite overwhelming. Your in a nightclub atmosphere with more than 300 single gorgeous women aggressively trying to meet you and there are only 25 or so of you guys!

I had 6 of these socials to go to over 18 days and the funny part of it was, I wasn’t looking to meet any new women! I had the 4 ladies I wanted to meet for real and my favourite, Tatyana, it would be more than a week before I would meet her.  I thought if anything good was going to happen it would be with her. So imaging this… I pay the big bucks to go on this Romance Tour and I walk around the socials trying not to make eye contact with any ladies!

I’m not going to tell you about all of my date here but if your interested you can read about them on my Facebook page here . I have pictures and links to their profiles too!

Are These Gorgeous Girls For Real?

Long story short, All the ladies I met including Tatyana and the ones I recognized from the Anastasia Date website at the social are 100% real! Of approx 50 guys that were on the tour (25 in Odessa and 25 in Kharkov, only 5 of us were on the double tour)  all the dates we all went on whether they were arranged before the tour like I did or arranged once there through the Anastasia Date data base, the ladies were all 100% real! These ladies were and looked exactly like who they said they were in their profiles. Although most looked even more gorgeous than in their profile photos!! I don’t know why they photo shop profile pictures because they really don’t need to!

Lets tally this up shall we? 25 guys in Odessa and 25 in Kharkov meeting and dating an average of 4 women each over the whole time spent there. That makes 200 different ladies met. This is a very conservative number because most of the guys went on dates with more than 4 different ladies. One guy, George went on at least 2 dates per day with different ladies over 7 days! That’s a least 14 for him alone!! All were arranged through Anastasia Date or with women met at the socials. 100% of the women met were the same ones as in the profiles on Anastasia Date!

The success rate for falling in love is not the same though. Most of the guys went home empty handed but there were a few that had some promising results! Me included!! I’m heading back to Odessa in late June, 2013 to spend 2 weeks with the lady I made the best connection with. Not Tatyana, we had a good time together but we didn’t quite hit it off like I was expecting. Luckily I hadn’t put all my eggs in one basket!!

There’s still the issue of professional daters and scammers. Galina, the one I’m going to spend 2 weeks early this summer with has given me some reasons to believe that’s she’s a scammer or professional dater by some of her actions. We have great conversations though and we click so well that way. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, her appearance, family background and personality fits the description of the perfect woman for me! I’ve struggled with these thoughts of being scammed and have brought some of the issues to her attention and she tells me to have faith in us and that she’ll prove it to me once I come back to see her. So I’ll be the Guinea Pig for all you guys. I’ll keep you posted with what happens, good or bad, in my blog so follow me on my quest for truth and love!!

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